Friday, November 24, 2017

When I learnt to ride my bike

When I learnt to ride my bike

When I learnt to ride my bike without training wheels I was in Australia and I was scared because I was only 4. My dad took off my training wheels and it made me even more scared. I got on and started pedaling and fell off I tried 3 more times and I got it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My Ant Arnold

My Ant Arnold
This is My Ant Arnold I made him with newspaper, masking tape, straws, pipe cleaners, paint
This is how I made it

  1. First, I Scrunched up newspaper.
  2. Secondly, I made a small one for the head and a bigger one for the thorax and a long one for the abdomen.
  3. Then, I stuck them together with masking tape.
  4. Next ,I paper mache it.
  5. The next day it has dried so i paint it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Calendar art

Calendar Art

This is my Calendar art

A few weeks ago my hub and I started to do calendar art, we had to do silouhettes.I chose to do cats because cats are my favorite animal. It took a while to do the background.

First I planned my silouhettes secondly I drew my background next I chose my colors for the background lastly I cut out the silouhettes and stuck them on.

The learning muscle I used was managing distractions muscle because people kept talking to me.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mid Term Report Student Reflection

Mid Term Report Student Reflection
In Maths I have used my Perseverance muscle.
I used Perseverance muscle in extension maths when I do really hard equations I figured the equations out but it was hard.
It has made a difference to me so now I can do really hard equations.
In Writing I have used my planning muscle.
I used my Planning muscle before I write. My plans used to be really short but now they are way bigger.
It has made a difference to me so that I have more detail
In Reading I have used my noticing muscle.
I used it when we had a task to do about matariki.
It has made a difference to me so now I can notice more.
At camp I used my perseverance muscle.
I used my perseverance muscle when I went kayaking I said I did not want to do it but I had a go.
It has made a difference to me so now I like it and know how to kayak.
I have been involved in Pasifika , Netball and interschool Athletics.
In art I have learnt and enjoyed what I learnt was how to dye a background with purple and light blue.It looked like night sky. What I enjoyed about Siapo Art was that I was the flower drawing.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thank you letter

Nikau Hub 6/7IMG_20170516_123240.jpg
Parkvale School
Howard Street
Hastings 4122


Dear Annique

Thank you for giving up your time and energy to come to camp, You were a great cook . Thank you for guiding my tribe through master chef, you gave my tribe some good ideas.

My first highlight was caving.It was fun in the first cave because we had to go on our stomachs and move along. Also spider webs were dangling above us .In another cave it was big at the start and then we all had to climb through a tiny gap I made it through and I was sooooo proud of myself.The last cave was the worst because there was a huge spider it kept crawling closer and closer and then finally I made it past .  Next thing I know is bat poo ewwww, I decided to walk through it.

My second highlight was amazing race. My favorite one was the wire bridge. My team was fast and we did not fall off . We came fourth out of seven teams. My other favorite activity was making fudge because we got given a whole bunch of ingredients and a recipe and we had to make fudge.

My last highlight was kayaking , my buddie was Neveah and  we both had never kayaked before. At the start we crashed into a tree then Steven told us how to turn. Before we started I said I do not want to do this . After a while I liked it.

An interesting fact is that camp Kaitawa used to be a school but since it is a small area not many kids went to kaitawa school so it shut down.

Yours truly