Friday, July 3, 2015

Kitty Profle

 Good habit:patient for food and going to parties 
Address:22A kitty lane 
Family:24 step brothers and 24 step sisters 
Hobbies:going to kitty hotel  
Bad Habit:poo on the ground 

My Adventure

My name is piper I can't help pooping on the ground my owner is Chloe paws.One day I was walking and my owner got pulled away and this is what i did’’meow My friend tiffy paws could hear me from the other side of town Tiffy paws lives at 22B at the back of my house. Getting Ready for a party Last night me and tiffy paws friend cute cat got invited to a party,it was tiffy paws party.well when got the invitation to the party I was surprised because I have never been to a party before.I walked around the kitty mall all day until it was 3.30 ahhh the party is in half an hour I had got a purple and black dress when the time reached 3.45 It takes 20 minutes to get to her house from my house I said to myself I am going to be late for the party well it was 4.05 i was never aloud to go to her party's again THE END


  1. Its a very interesting piece it ended with no happily ever after however it was very well punctuated you could work on maybe some more detail

  2. Very interesting story Chloe and it make sense too.