Friday, August 14, 2015

I am learning to write Persuasively

The Learning Intention: I am learning to write Persuasively
The Success Criteria:How I can achieve this
  1. State your opinion in the Introduction  and who is your audience
  2. Give 3 detailed reasons to support your opinion. One reason per paragraph
  3. Try to give facts or statistics to support your reasons.
  4. Use emotive and persuasive language.
  5. on the writing wall to check where you are at with writing persuasively.
  6. Assess what you are doing well. Reflect and action what your next step is.

Dear Hastings Council Our pupils agree not have a supermarket next to our school.
Firstly pupils do not want to hear traffic.
Secondly we will not have less rubbish.

Thirdly Paki’s paddock will be taken over.

In my opinion it will be too loud to have a supermarket right next our school.

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