Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My lost story

Lost in the supermarket

Tap. Here I was standing in the middle of the supermarket lost, absolutely lost. All I saw was people go past with trolleys,basket,children and lots of other things. I could hear people talking and trolleys wheels spinning around and around.

I just stood there seeing if my mum would come left,right don’t see her oh great i'm lost.I just wandered around “Noo’’I  thought to myself it's not a good idea .I might get even more lost. So I stopped for a moment,did she tell me what aisle she was going to? Where is my mum?do i have to stay here all night?

Looking at all of this food is making me hungry. Um I think I will steal some food so I did um what food should I steal fruit that's a good healthy choice,so then I don’t have to unwrap wrappers.

Since It was night the sound alarm will go off because the alarm will hear me open a packet. Where will I put my banana peel?

By the time it was morning my mum realised she needed to pick me up “Thank goodness you're here mum I thought you would never ever come and pick me up,’’ I said as I kept taking big breaths.


  1. i liked how you put what you where thinking and i liked how you put questions

  2. I like what you put in it it is awesome and good work!!!!!