Wednesday, June 22, 2016

B.D.A Questioning

                    Celebrity star profile

Before reading
During reading
After reading
Is the text about celebrity?
No it’s about stars
Why do we have milky ways?

Why did the author write about this?
To tell people about the stars we have
What is a supernova?
An exploding star is called a supernova

How many Supernovas are there?

How many different colors are on the dust in the milky way?
Why is it glittery?
Why is there dark patches?
The dark patches are star nurseries
What is a supernova?
What is a red dwarf?
Why is our sun a middle sized star?
Is there a bigger star than the sun?
Why can the sun last for so long?
Why can’t we see dwarfs with our eyes?


Milky way
Colorful dust
The sun
Solar System

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