Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Maui and the boat

Maui and the boat

One warm,windy night Maui decided to take a walk to the lake.From the view of the mountain you could see the fish swimming,stars glazing and the meteor shooting past. “Wow what a beautiful view”said Maui

That night he found some planks of wood.He thought he could make a boat so Maui sprinted back home and got a hammer and nails he went back to the river.Bang Bang Bang as the nails  hammered into the wood. The boat was finally finished so he had some left over wood so he made some orrs. He started to paddle until maui started to drown it looked like he was pretending but he wasn’t. So the brother started laugh.

As they were running they were yelling “we're coming Maui don’t worry
“Help someone help”cried Maui, his brothers stood straight up and ran down  “I’m worrying so hurry up” replied Maui. So when the brothers got to the river they both dove in and they pulled and pulled and eventually they dragged out Maui.

From then on he knew not to make a boat, to buy a boat instead.
“I’m sorry for waking you up”said Maui.The next day Maui went to the village with his brothers to chose a new boat. “ lets chose this boat” said the brothers “ It's way too expensive” “ Actually lets get it ”said Maui. So Maui and his brothers all picked up the boat and they all went straight to the river to test the boat and they sailed off into the distance.

What I found tricky was? The thing that made it tricky was?
planning for how I was going to lay it out.
One thing I got better with was? What helped me to get better was adding detail to make it make sense.

Next time I would … get it done quicker,by not working next to people who I will talk too.

I am most proud of …
How I layed it out in paragraphs.

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