Tuesday, February 28, 2017

All about me

All About Me

My Best Memory
My best Memory is when my mum told me that after school shhe will take me somewhere in napier. So I was excited all day, we were heading towards pandora pond until “Oh”I sighed as we turned down another road. “We’re here” mum said as we parked, we walked into The SPCA “Mum are we getting a cat” I said,mum said “yes”. We got a cat called Piper but we always called her Kitty and that is my memory.

My Most loved hobby
My favorite thing to do is play with my cat.
She is very playful, except when she scratches me.
It does hurt but it's ok because she is playing.
The funnest thing to do with her is get a piece of long string and drag it along the floor.
She has so so so much fun chasing it, All cats love it, Especially my cat.
And that is my hobby.

Fun fact
My fun fact is I am very unorganized, Actually I'm probably the most unorganized out of the whole family.So In the morning my little brother has to wake me up. He yells at me. I get up at 7:30 on weekdays and I say I'm tired and mum says sleep in on the weekends. But I don't I wake up at 6:00.
That is my fun fact.

What makes me laugh

What makes me laugh is when my dad tricks me and tickles me.
He’s always picks me up when I see him and he tickles me to the ground.

It is fun but he does it before bed and it makes me excited and then I can’t go to sleep.


  1. you add heaps of detail when your dad tricks you and makes you laugh
    grate work chloe!

  2. I liked how you put adgectives

  3. i liked how had adjectives